The Creepiest Dive Discoveries

The Creepiest Dive Discoveries

The ocean is stunning — but it’s also mysterious. With most of the earth’s waters unexplored, it’s no wonder that it’s the source of many weird, eerie discoveries throughout history. We’re not talking shipwrecks and cargo; we’re talking about body parts and seemingly paranormal activity. In celebration of Halloween, here are 10 creepy scuba finds that are sure to haunt your diving dreams.


The Ghost Diver

A group of friends goes midnight prawn hunting in the Puget Sound in Washington. Per their tradition, when they get to about 100 feet deep, they gather into a circle, turn their dive torches off and agitate the water to stir up the bioluminescence, watching the water light up around them. The water gradually begins to glow … only to reveal an extra diver in their circle. In the cold waters that reach lows of 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the solo diver is wearing no fins, booties or gloves and has a bloody gash in one of his legs. He smiles, waves, and swims away — alone.


The Baltic Sea Anomaly

In 2014, a grainy sonar image taken by the Swedish “Ocean X” dive team reveals an indistinct object that looks weirdly reminiscent of the Millennium Falcon.  While most experts agree that the object occurred naturally, many skeptics still believe that it reveals a sunken UFO.


The Fisherman’s Glove

A group of friends goes diving, and during their dive find a fisherman’s glove — perhaps not so abnormal. Upon closer look, however, they realize that the hand is still inside the glove. When they contact the local police, they’re told that there hasn’t been any report of a man with a missing hand, dead or alive.


The (Sort of) Mummified Body

A few divers go scuba diving off the coast of Florence, Oregon and unexpectedly find the body of a surfer who had gone missing a few days prior. But if that’s not terrifying enough: while the body was mostly preserved by the body’s wetsuit, its exposed limbs had been eaten by crabs, leaving just a flesh torso with the skeletal limbs and skull still attached.


The Creepy Doll

A scuba diver dives down a murky ledge that’s dimly lit and already a little creepy. To top off the experience, a doll’s head coated in filmy green algae appears lodged into the face of the ledge. Of course, the diver quickly leads a friend over to share in the terror.



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