9 Songs For Summer '21

9 Songs For Summer '21

               What are you doing this summer? Skating, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, or simply having a beach day, we all need a few songs to get us in that hot summer spirit. It also never hurts to stay on top of what the cool kids are listening to nowadays. Check out these nine songs for summer fun! 


Skate - Silk Sonic

               Fittingly, we just want to grab our roller skates! The latest release by the iconic Silk Sonic duo Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars gets you in the quad gang groove. They can truly do no wrong; the follow-up single to “Leave the Door Open” (also a super mega-hit) this song makes you want to, very obviously, show off your moves on your favorite quads while Mars and Paak serenade you from a distance. Swoon-worthy lyrics and smooth music to help you dance a summer day away. 


Kiss Me More - Doja Cat ft. SZA 

               A summer romance is in the air with Doja Cat’s supermassive 2021 hit from her album “Planet Her.” SZA and Doja team up for a little (maybe not so little)  pop hit that gets you in the spirit of fun times and a sweet summer romance. This song is everywhere, but somehow we’re not tired of it yet!  Fun, cute and upbeat, play this sing-along bop at your next barbecue. You’ll have the whole party vibing out (insert wrist flick).


Butter - BTS 

               “Smooth like butter, like a criminal undercover,” you’ve got to be living under a rock if you aren’t mouthing along with the entry lyrics to BTS’s smash hit “Butter.” K-pop is just pop at this point, given the mega mainstream overseas success of the Korean pop group over the last years. We’re happy to support BTS and their unique family-friendly but still catchy and refreshingly upbeat songs anytime! 


Save Your Tears - The Weeknd, Ariana Grande 

Let’s bring it down-tempo for a quick second with a sad but hauntingly beautiful duet by The Weeknd and Ariana Grande! What could we expect from Abel, if not sad songs of disillusionment and heartbreak, sung to us in a beautiful key? Ariana absolutely nails the whistle notes at the end of the song, per usual. Those are reasons enough to play this track! Plus, even during our hot girl/boy summer, we need a little melancholy moment to snap us back into reality. 


Motive - Ariana Grande, Doja Cat 

               What could we expect from the most popping pop girls in the game right now? Although often overlooked, this is a great collaboration famous in its own right but gets lost in the vast hits both these girls are currently releasing. The beats are on point, and of course, the vocals are strong as ever. Smooth and easy listening for a day chilling at the beach! “So tell me, what’s your motive?” Play it. You won’t regret it. 


good 4 u - Olivia Rodrigo

               Ms.Rodrigo, my oh-my! She’s bringing the 90s nostalgia predominantly relevant in Gen Z culture back into the mainstream. Mesh Taylor Swift’s songwriting style with an angsty teen fantasy with this track. It seems like she popped out of nowhere, but the 19-year-old youngster has been in the Disney machine for a hot minute. She’s been popping in and out of our TV screens since “Bizaardvark” back in 2016 until she landed her more notable role in “High School Musical The Series” in 2019. Good for you, Olivia, good for you! 


 Mamacita - Black Eyed Peas, Ozuna, J Rey Soul

               Get dance party-ready! The Black Eyed Peas are back with a dance/club hit, perfect for your next pool party. Ozuna has been a Latin heartthrob topping the charts for years now and we’re glad to see him teaming up with the Peas for a summer hit. J Rey Soul gives us a little Madonna “La Isla Bonita” moment with a twist throughout the song. Get ready to get down! 


Stay - The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber 

               Justin Beiber has an IT factor, that’s for sure. Anytime he touches a song, BOOM, it becomes a mega-hit no matter what. The Kid LAROI kills this upbeat angsty anthem in the stratosphere of Machine Gun Kelly’s punk-pop revival but with more of an EDM influence. The beat and vocals are strong: we could not expect anything less from the Biebs. As far as LAROI, we know this kid (lol) is going places. There’s something indescribably special about this song. Sweet to the ears, check it out! 


Don’t Go Yet - Camila Cabello

               Camila Cabello wholeheartedly embraces her Cuban roots with this Latin-pop hit.  As a late summer release, the track encompasses the love of dance, campy imagery and some new influences for the singer. The video gives you “if Beetlejuice we’re Latin,”  jugo de escarabajos vibes. Maybe she got a little inspiration from the iconic Day-O (Banana Boat Song) scene - minus the gore. She teases, “Baby, don’t go yet because I wore this dress for a little drama.” Sassy and upbeat, this song is everything we need this summer season.



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