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Watersports & Outdoor Products FAQ


Do all of your diving and snorkeling masks come with a strap?

While the strap may not be visible in all product pictures, all of our masks definitely come with a strap attached.

Do all of your masks and goggles come with a box?

Yes, all of our individual masks and goggles come with a protective box to prevent scratches and crushing during transit. You can keep it for use as a storage box! Masks and goggles that come as part of a snorkeling set may be packaged differently.

How do I know what size wetsuit to order?

Please consult the sizing chart tab for the suit you are considering before making your purchase.  If you are trying to decide between two sizes, always go with the larger of the two sizes. If you have questions about the sizing chart or need further assistance, please use the contact form at right to get in touch.

I picked the right size based on the sizing chart; how come my wetsuit is so tight?

First, remember that wetsuits are supposed to fit very snugly in order to keep as much water out as possible. Second, as with any garment, fit can vary by brand. Our size charts accurately describe most of the products we carry, but because bodies come in all shapes and sizes individual fit can vary.  

If you are trying to decide between two sizes, always go with the larger of the two sizes.

Click here to view our Wetsuit Buyer's Guide.

Help! I don't know what I should choose.

No problem! Use the contact form at right and we will be happy to answer any questions to assist you with your purchase.

Why does it take an extra 2-3 days to get a prescription mask or goggles?

Extra time is needed to customize your lenses, install them and perform quality assurance testing for leaks. Spending a little extra time on these important details ensures your mask or goggles will provide you with worry-free use.

How can I find out which optical lenses to order for my prescription mask or goggles?

A Lens Calculator is provided toward the middle of each prescription mask or goggle product page. Use the provided drop-down boxes to make your selections according to your optical prescription, then click on Calculate Your RX Lenses to get the recommended lens selections.

You may also use the contact form at right for further assistance.

I lost the buckle or snorkel holder for my Seavenger set; can I get a replacement?

No worries! You can request the needed replacement part(s) by using the contact form at right If possible, include the model number of your snorkel in the body of your email.


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Skate Products FAQ


How small is the Mini Cruiser Complete board?

The Mini Cruiser Complete skateboard is 22” in length.

What is the maximum weight capacity for the Mini Cruiser Complete board?

Maximum weight capacity for the Mini Cruiser Complete board is 176 lbs (80kg).

Do the light up wheels require a battery?

No, there are no batteries to buy or replace! The embedded lights are powered by the friction of the spinning skateboard wheels.

Do your skateboards come with a T-tool?

Sorry, but our skateboards don’t come bundled with a T-tool. However, the T-tool is available as a separate purchase.

Can I order a custom board from you?

We’re working on it! You can’t order a custom board or individual board components from us yet, but our custom components shop is currently in development.


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Lifestyle & Home Products FAQ

What is the difference between the wired and wireless hand warmers, heated slippers and heated pillows?

The wired items only generate heat while plugged into a USB power source, which is why they come with long USB cables (43” for the hand warmers, 57” for the slippers).

The wireless items contain an integrated heat pack that's powered by a rechargeable battery pack. Remove the battery pack, turn it off and plug it into a USB charger until the charging light indicates a full charge. Unplug the battery pack from the USB outlet or charger, turn it on, attach it to the USB plug inside the zippered pocket of your heated item, slip it into the pocket and close the zipper.

How long will the heated items stay warm on a full charge?

Rechargeable batteries gradually lose their charging capacity over time, so the answer depends on usage and number of charges. Generally speaking, a full charge will supply 2 to 8 hours of heat.

Does each wired hand warmer have its own USB cable, or do they connect to each other?

Each warmer has its own cable. This is to ensure you can freely move your hands independently of one another with no worries about hanging or tangling cable between them while typing, gaming, crafting or doing any other activity.

How large are the hand warmers?

Each hand warmer “pillow” is designed to cover the top surface of the hand, and measures 5.5”x5.5”. Each pillow also includes an adjustable strap closure for a more custom fit.

Do the USB power and charging cables have to be plugged into a computer, or can they be used with a USB/AC adapter to plug into a wall socket?

Go with whichever is easiest for you: either method works.

What material are the plush items made of?

All of our plush items are constructed of soft cotton and polyester fabric blends.

Are your plush items (hand warmers, wireless Bluetooth speakers, pillows, slippers, etc.) machine washable?

The Magicorn unicorn onesie and hoodie are machine washable on the gentle/delicate setting---with no spin cycle---, using a gentle detergent intended for delicate fabrics. Lay flat to air dry.  Stuffed animals that do not include built-in electronic components can also be machine washed on the gentle/delicate setting.

However, due to their unique shapes and included electronic components, all other plush items are to be surface cleaned by hand only: do not immerse in water or dry clean.

What size are the slippers?

The slippers are one size fits most. Our customers say they will comfortably fit up to a women’s US shoe size 12 / men’s US shoe size 10.

Can the slippers be shipped to addresses in Mexico?

Unfortunately, due to Mexico’s import laws and regulations we are not allowed to ship footwear to Mexico.

What material are the ambient lights made of?

The exterior housing of all our ambient lights is constructed of a frosted, matte finish, heat resistant PVC. The interior lights are LEDs, and the battery case is plastic and metal.

Are all of the ambient lights battery operated?

The small ambient lights are wireless and can be operated by batteries only (3 x AAA). The medium ambient lights can be operated by batteries or the included AC adapter. The giant ambient lights are operated by AC cord only.

How big is the small sized ambient night light?

The small sized ambient night lights stand 5” tall, and can sit in the palm of your hand.

Do the ambient lights have a switch to turn them off and on?

Yes, there is a switch located at the bottom of each ambient light. Note that the smallest size ambient lights are equipped with an automatic shutoff switch that turns the light off automatically after one hour to conserve battery power.

The medium and giant size ambient lights also include a wireless remote control for turning the light off and on, changing its color (16 color choices available), or changing its lighting mode (single color, rainbow flash mode, rainbow fade mode).

Does the giant size ambient light have printing on it, like in some of the pictures?

No, none of the lights have printing of any kind on the exterior, they present a smooth surface of a uniform color. Text may be overlaid on the images of our ambient lights to specify size or other features.

How bright are the ambient lights (unicorn, narwhal, etc.)?

The smallest size is appropriate for use as a nightlight, or to provide extra light when placed next to a computer keyboard in a dim environment; note that its brightness level will decrease as the charge remaining in its batteries decreases. The medium sized light is appropriate for use as a reading lamp next to a chair or bed. The giant sized light can illuminate an entire small to medium sized bedroom or other, similarly sized room.

Is there any way to dim the ambient night lights?

The smallest, battery-powered ambient lights will dim over time as the charge in their batteries diminishes, usually beginning after 6 to 8 hours of use.

Are all of the ambient lights made of glow in the dark material?

No, only the “Glow in the Dark” color option is made of glow in the dark material.

How long will your glow in the dark ambient lights glow after the light is turned off?

As with any glow in the dark item, this will depend on how long the glow in the dark material was exposed to light, and the brightness of the light source.  Remember that the interior LED is intended for use as a night light and will not be bright enough to maximize the lamp’s glow in the dark capabilities. 

Assuming the lamp was exposed to bright light for at least half an hour the glow in the dark material will continue to glow several hours after the light is turned off, gradually dimming in brightness. If the lamp was mainly exposed only to its own, internal LED, it will still glow for hours after the light goes out but the brightness of the glow will be less than if it was exposed to a brighter, external light source.

Are the ambient lights appropriate for use in a child’s or baby’s room?

While our ambient lights are very cute they are not toys. They can of course be used in a child or baby’s room as you would use any lamp, but should be kept out of the reach of very small children and infants.

Are the LED lights inside the ambient lights replaceable?

The LEDs are not replaceable, but since they offer 100,000 hours of life they should never require replacement.


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