4 Tips For First Time Snorkelers

4 Tips For First Time Snorkelers

So you’ve never snorkeled before? Grab your snorkel gear, and let’s head on an adventure! Here are four helpful tips for your first-time snorkeling in the ocean.


1. Explore with a Friend 

Snorkeling is a fun and safe water sport. Still, it is important to explore with someone familiar with the specifics— best breathing practices, familiarity with water conditions and sea life, etc. Two rookies do not equate to one expert. It is always highly encouraged to snorkel with an experienced partner, if not a group. With more people around, the more opportunities to get assistance with unpredictable ocean conditions and help avoid dangerous situations. Safe, supervised exploration is the key. 

Essential Gear: Snorkeling Sets or Masks, Fins, Snorkels


2. Stay Cool, Calm & Collected

When the adrenaline rush kicks in, it’s easy to let go of common sense; rookie snorkelers are known to latch on to their partners in a moment of panic. As underwater explorers, this is what you want to avoid at all costs. Before diving in, take a moment to assess your surroundings and mentally prepare yourself for experiencing a different body state. Once submerged, if your first-time nerves kick in, slowly swim back to the surface. Once above water, float on your back until you feel ready to submerge again. Remember, you’re in total control of how deep you dive and can always swim back to the top!


3. Know Where You’re Swimming 

Research where you will be snorkeling. Get familiar with the water conditions, terrain, and expected sea life. The more you learn, the fewer surprises you will experience and the more comfortable you will feel: thus staying calm and collected.  Locals play a crucial role in understanding the underwater terrain. They can help answer some of your questions and advise on water conditions and prime exploration times. Check-in with on-duty lifeguards or local watersport businesses for directions and advice. You will be pleasantly surprised about how welcoming the watersport community can be. After all, the ocean is for everyone to enjoy and explore.


4. Do Not Touch Anything 

If you pick a diverse snorkel spot, which we hope you do, you will find an abundance of interesting underwater elements and sea life thriving in their natural habitats. It is important to note that although these aquatic creatures are often harmless to you, you are, in fact, harmful to them. The chemicals in most sunscreens deteriorate precious coral, and sea life is easily bothered by unnatural sounds and motion. Choose biodegradable sunscreens and avoid touching while admiring the beauty. The point is to leave everything uninterrupted to enjoy the wonders of a thriving natural habitat.

Underwater Protection: Rashguards, Water Socks, Wetsuits, Gloves, Reef Safe Sunscreen



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