Holiday Gifts for Her

Holiday Gifts for Her

It’s holiday season, and you’re probably sitting at home reading this wondering what am I supposed to give her during this ongoing pandemic. You’re probably looking for things that are not only great gifts but will also help alleviate the cabin-fever most of us are experiencing at this point. Is she an ocean explorer, thrill seeker or fitness fanatic? Here is a breakdown of items we think are the perfect gift options for her. 


Gear for the Ocean Explorer


Seavenger | Voyager Snorkeling Set

            Every ocean lover needs to own a snorkel set! The Seavenger Voyager set is one of our particular favorites for its quality but specifically the well-designed travel bag. Just throw it over your shoulder and you’re set for a day of ocean exploration. The set includes a dry-top snorkel, dive mask and 16-inch trek fins. Find a color that best suits her personal style, the possibilities are vast!


Coolibar | Women’s Hooded Beach Cover-Up Dress 

Stay protected from beach elements with this adorable beach cover-up. Not only is this a beautiful shade of blue, but the fabric has UPF 50+! Stay protected while rocking fashionable beach-wear. Everyone needs a mental health day to take in some salty ocean breeze and some well-deserved vitamin D. 


Seavenger | Odyssey Women’s Surfing Wetsuit in Geometric Palm 

            The Geometric Palm design on the Odyssey wetsuit is a true fashion statement. This sleek design uses a colorful geometric panel on each side of the waist for a little added fun without being visually overbearing! This wetsuit offers great protection with the sharkskin chest panel and anti-abrasion screening on the knees and shoulders. Similar styles are available with slightly different color variations. This is an ocean apparel must-have. 


Wheels for the Thrill-Seeker 


C7skates | Premium Peachy Keen Roller Skates

Roller-skates had a moment this year and even if you’re not sure if skates are something she might have experience using, give her a little thrill seeking fun. These brightly colored skates are top-notch quality featuring durable wheels and a structured boot design. We all need the added exhilaration during these dull times. 


Cal 7 | Classic Blue Mini Cruiser 

This board was directly influenced by the Pantone Color of the Year 2020. What a way to wrap up what some may say is an unforgettable year on a high note. The cool toned board is a light-weight plastic with a 22 inch long deck, perfect for traveling. Petite in size but mighty in power with 60mm 78A pastel pink wheels. 


Cal 7 | 90s Hella Complete Skateboard 

            We’re taking it back to the ‘90s with this geometric Saved by Bell-esque graphic design! If she loves nostalgia and is truly devoted to thrill seeking this is the board for her. The 90s Hella complete skateboard has a 7.75 inch long deck. It’s delivered fully assembled with quality 5-inch aluminum trucks and 99A PU wheels, fit for any avid skateboarding gal.

Fits for the Fitness Fanatic 


Has she been on her fitness buzz or is she desperately seeking the motivation to start? We all know-how hard it has been to keep up with our fitness goals during these crazy times. Help her release some of that pressure with the NonZero Gravity’s Sauna Collection. Made with 3mm neoprene fabric, the heating technology increases sweat for targeted weight loss and better muscle performance! The perfect addition to her stay-at-home functional fashion. 


NonZero Gravity | Sauna Suit 

            This fashionable one-piece bodysuit is an athleisure dream. The design emphasizes feminine curves and is available with either blue or purple details. Similar styles can be seen amongst fitness influencers. This is the perfect gift for a trendy girl. 


NonZero Gravity | Matching Set 

Who doesn’t love a matching set? Not only are they functional but they make you feel as if you’ve put a little more effort into your outfit for the day. Grab a matching pair of sauna suit leggings and tank top to elevate her work from home style or to get that high intensity workout for the day.


We hope we’ve triggered some ideas and helped you give the gift of adventure. Happy holidays! Stay active and enjoy a season full of fun memories with your loved ones.



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