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Why Deck Concave Matters

Why Deck Concave Matters 0

There are a number of different factors that play into using a skateboard, including deck size, shape, wheel size and more. While these elements are a little more straightforward, beginner skaters often forget to consider the deck concave. In fact, most don’t even realize that it can vary from board to board. If you’re just starting out in the skatepark, here’s your basic breakdown of deck concave and how it affects your skating.

Skateboard vs. Longboard: What’s the Difference?

Skateboard vs. Longboard: What’s the Difference? 0

If you’re just learning to skate for the first time, the vast array of board shapes and sizes can be really overwhelming. And unless you have friends who are hardcore skaters, it’s unlikely that you’re familiar with how they’re different or what they all do. While it might seem longboards and skateboards are pretty similar, they actually have pretty different purposes. Before you go out and buy a board, use this guide to determine what you should be looking for.

How to Ride a Penny Board

How to Ride a Penny Board 0

Although skateboarding has been around for decades, penny boards and cruisers like them have become one of the most popular styles to ride. Unlike the speedy skateboards that you’ll see in a typical skatepark, these boards are designed for mellow cruising that’s common on college campuses or coastal boardwalks. If you’re interested in learning how to ride a penny board, these tips will get you started.

Weird Facts About Skateboarding You May Not Have Known

Weird Facts About Skateboarding You May Not Have Known 0

For a sport that’s only been around for 70 years, skateboarding has a rich history. From its birth of flat planks on metal wheels to its infamous reputation today, there’s been a lot of growth. More importantly, there’s an entire culture that’s come out of skateboarding as a hobby — one that acts as a magnet for young kids looking for community. Despite its reputation as a camouflage hobby for miscreants, its history is more conflicted than we think.

Downhill Longboarding Tips for Beginners

Downhill Longboarding Tips for Beginners 0

Downhill longboarding isn’t for the faint of heart. Unlike street skateboarding or even cruising down the boardwalk on your longboard, this extreme sport takes adrenaline to a whole new level. But before you jump on your board and find the steepest hill in your neighborhood, there are a few things to check off your list. Take a look at these downhill longboarding tips for beginners before you start up this extreme sport.

How to Repurpose an Old Skateboard

How to Repurpose an Old Skateboard 0

If you live and breathe skateboarding, it makes sense to want your home to reflect that. But building a skatepark in your living room is not exactly ideal for having people over (or for keeping your spouse happy). Instead, take advantage of the skateboard scraps you have lying around to create upcycled furniture that represents your passion. These DIY projects are simple to create and make the most of your old gear.