Yoga Poses You Can Do While Sitting at Your Desk

Yoga Poses You Can Do While Sitting at Your Desk

We’re heading into the thick of the holiday season, which means you should grab some earplugs for the super-loud Christmas music at the mall and get excited about Thanksgiving food. It also means you’re probably feeling the pressure of the biggest buying season of the year, all while keeping the everyday work grind going. To help you out, we’re sharing some of our best-kept stress-relieving secrets so you can keep calm at work during the holiday hustle.

Seated Crescent Moon

Start by lifting both of your arms straight above you and touching your palms together. Lean to one side until you feel your muscles gently stretching on the side opposite of the direction you’re leaning. Take a few deep breaths, and repeat on the opposite side. This simple post helps lengthen your spine and stretch those back and rib muscles.


Desk Upward Dog

Start leaning in a plank position with your hands on your desk. Slowly and gently, lean your hips toward the desk, opening up your chest toward the ceiling as much as comfortably possible. Take a few deep breaths and hold the pose for 15 to 20 seconds. When you release from this pose, push your hips back so that your back is parallel with the desk. Repeat this a few times to improve posture energize your body for better concentration.


Eagle Arms

This pose might seem less helpful than the others, but if you’re an eight-hour desk worker, it’s essential. Sit straight up and put your arms straight out, then bend them up so your palms are reaching toward the ceiling. Cross one arm over the other, interlocking them and placing your palms together. Hold this pose for a few breaths, then switch sides by putting the arm that’s underneath on top. This pose is a good preventative form against carpal tunnel syndrome and helps to strengthen your back and shoulder muscles for posture.



Seated Pigeon

Start by sitting in your chair with your back straight. Gently, take your right ankle and rest it on your left knee. Flex the toes of your right foot up and gently lean your torso forward from your hips. You should be able to feel a comfortable stretching throughout your hip rotators, flexors and calves. Hold for 30 seconds and then switch the position of your legs for a full-body stretch that’s great for your posture.



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