The Best Skateparks in Oregon

The Best Skateparks in Oregon

While California might be the legendary birthplace of skateboarding, the Northwest region still holds a rightful place in the heart of skate culture. In a place where skaters of the underground came together to build their own skatepark when the local government wouldn’t build one — you know there are some good spots that have flowed from that spring of passion. Today, there’s a ton of great parks throughout the Beaver State that cater to the skate community. These are a few of our favorites.


Klamath Skatepark, Klamath Falls

If transition’s your game, Klamath Falls is where you need to be. Klamath Skatepark features five bowls ranging from a five-foot mini bowl for beginners to the Monster Bowl. Crazy waves, a snake run and a couple of street elements dot the park for trying out new tricks or just mastering the basics.


Ashland Skatepark, Ashland

Ashland Skatepark has been around for 20 years and continues to be one of the most skated parks in the state. A set of three connected bowls caters to transition skaters, while a mini snake run, three pyramids, a punk wall and more set up opportunities for countless lines.


Chehalem Skatepark, Newberg

Chehalem Skatepark is the product of more than 200 kids petitioning for a skatepark in their local community. While it took quite a few years before they broke ground, the 29,000 square foot park was finally built in 2000 and features a half-pipe, quarter-pipe and tons of terrain. The 24-hour caretaker of the park keeps it well maintained, making it an awesome park for beginners as well.


Kirtsis Skatepark, Lincoln City

Kirtsis Skatepark is dedicated to serving the skateboarding community only — meaning you won’t be crossing paths with any scooter kids, BMX bikes or inline skates at this park. Built in 1999, this park features 40,000 square feet of terrain and includes four separate bowls, tight transitions and a snake run.


Burnside Skatepark, Portland

What would a “Best of Oregon” list be without the iconic Burnside Skatepark? While it may not be the biggest park, it’s a historic site that you just have to skate if you’re into skate culture at all. Secretly built under Burnside Bridge in the 80s through grassroots efforts of the local skaters, it’s considered a true sign of the passion of skaters, and has been featured in films and video games over the past couple decades.



 Credit: Photo by SkateOregon on Flickr


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