10 of the Best Places to Roller Skate in San Diego

10 of the Best Places to Roller Skate in San Diego

San Diego has more than 35 million visitors every year. That’s not really surprising when you start considering how much this city has to offer.

It’s natural for roller skaters to want to take it all in on a pair of skates, but it can be overwhelming to try and find a place to take it all in.

So we did some research and found 10 of the best places to roller skate in San Diego. This list is no particular order, so make sure to read through the full list to find a place that works best for you!


1. Silver Strand

This 9-mile path begins at Ferry landing Marketplace and ends at Imperial Beach. It’s a great place to take your skates for a spin because there is zero elevation gain on the trail and has great views of the oceanside and city.


2. Mission Bay Park

This trail is one of the more popular places for bicyclists to explore since it is fully paved and relatively flat (52 ft elevation gain/loss). It is 6.3 miles long and offers awesome views of the water and city.


3. Mission Beach Boardwalk

mission beach concrete boardwalk san diego california roller skating location
There is just really nothing quite like rolling down a boardwalk on your roller skates, taking in the ocean breeze and the summer sun. It’s even better when that boardwalk is a bustling destination for all the shops and restaurants you would expect a top-tier boardwalk to have.

4. Father Junipero Serra Trail

Father Junipero Serra Trail roller skating location  

Image Courtesy of AllTrails.com

This trail stretches around 4.5 miles and is full of beautiful scenery, shrubbery, wildflowers and more. You’ll probably spot more than a few people birdwatching or wildflower spotting while you are on this trail, but that engagement from its visitors is part of the Father Junipero trail’s charm.


5. Lake Murray

lake murray san diego california roller skating place
As Mission Trails Regional Park puts it themselves, “[Lake Murray] is very popular for bicycling, jogging, walking, rollerblading, and picnicking.” Its trails are set along the gorgeous lake views that put you right in the center of nature.

6. Lake Miramar

lake miramar san diego california roller skating location
The trail going around Lake Miramar is a closed loop that is completely paved. There are a lot of different activities you can take advantage of as well if you are looking to shake things up a bit. Another plus: this trail is also dog friendly if you want your pup to do some of the pulling.

7. Embarcadero

embarcadero san diego california roller skating location
Embarcadero is a cultural hub that paints a clear picture of San Diego’s maritime history. Museums, harbor tours and historic ships are all part of this hub, and the stretch of concrete that connects them all makes for an awesome place to do some casual skating. You’ll probably want to keep the speed at a minimum here, though, since it is usually filled with lots of visitors!

8. Liberty Station

liberty station north promenade san diego california roller skating location
Liberty Station in itself may not be a particularly great place to roller skate, the area around it has some awesome views and stretches of sidewalks to push through. If you want to take the skates off, there are even more sites that you can check out at this former Naval Training Center.


9. Gaslamp Quarter

While the Gaslamp Quarter might be most well-known for its nightlife, it offers an awesome downtown environment to roller skate around and explore. You’ll want to be careful here and mind your speeds, though, because it is pretty heavily trafficked by pedestrians and cars.

10. Little Italy

little italy san diego california roller skating location
Little Italy has been growing in popularity for years now because of its huge supply of craft eateries and breweries. While you’ll have to be alert in this populated area while you skate, you can easily grab a quick order of pizza by the slice or sit down for a full meal and great drinks once you need a break. The scenery and personality of this area are second to none, so it’s definitely worth the consideration.



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