4 Useful Items to Have While Speargun Fishing

4 Useful Items to Have While Speargun Fishing

If you’ve gone spearfishing at least once in your life, you have probably muttered something along the line of “I really wish I had this thing right now.” Spearfishing is an intense activity that requires a lot of planning and forethought.


And unless you are a seasoned veteran, it is impossible to know exactly what kinds of things you’ll need in different situations. 


So what are some of the most important items you can have when you are going spearfishing? Here are four of them:


1. Quality Spear Gun

We know this seems pretty self explanatory, but the truth is that there are a ton of cheap, poorly crafted spear guns on the market. Many of these models haven’t been properly safety tested and become a liability in the water.

When you combine that fact with the spears they are usually loaded with, the last thing you want is for your speargun to fire unintentionally or malfunction.  


Making sure you are grabbing a well-crafted speargun, even at the expense of a few more bucks, will save you a ton of headaches and hazards on your trip.


You also just want to know that your gun will shoot consistently. Skill comes from understanding how your speargun will operate and getting a feel for that motion. If you don’t have consistent equipment, you’ll never really be able to improve your talent. 


2. Utility Knife

You never really know what will happen on your next trip. Even when you are not out exploring and fishing in the ocean, there are a ton of times when you have probably thought to yourself “man, I should really get a pocket knife.”


And it doesn’t really slow down when you start to get in the water, either, so investing in a high-quality knife to have alongside you when you spearfish is a smart move considering how much convenience it will provide. 


There are a ton of knives out there that can function as both everyday utility and diving knives, so all you have to do is find one that you like. 


3. Top Tier Mask

The whole point of speargun fishing is to adventure beneath the surface to see what kind of fish swim beneath you and if you can catch them. If you are using a cheap mask, then you are probably regularly dealing with problems like excessive fogging, leaking, discomfort, and poor visibility. 

Your mask is only as good as the design and materials it is made from, but just because a mask is expensive doesn’t mean it is good. In fact, there are a ton of top-tier scuba and snorkeling masks available around the $100 price point.


The trick is to find the quality and style that best fits your needs. Planning on going deep? Something to help you equalize ear pressure might be your best bet. Planning on staying near the surface, but still want the best views possible? An oval mask might do the trick.   


4. Replacement Sling

Nothing — and we repeat — nothing is worse than getting all the way out to your speargun fishing location just to find that after one or two shots your equipment has broken. It’s possibly one of the worst feelings any adventurer could feel. 


Unless, that is, you have a back up plan that includes high-quality replacement slings. Then, it still feels pretty bad to have gone through a piece of equipment, but at least the day isn’t ruined.


With these four items, there is still a chance you might get out to the location and kick yourself for not grabbing that really obvious piece of equipment, but the odds are a lot lower at least. 



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