Things to Do When It’s Too Cold to Skateboard

Things to Do When It’s Too Cold to Skateboard

Unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where it’s warm year-round, there are probably a few months of the year that making skating nearly impossible. Fortunately, there are still plenty of ways to get in a session without messing up your board. Whether you’re avoiding snowfall or flooded bowls that will ruin your deck, here’s a few things to keep you busy while you wait for skate season to return.


Find an Indoor Skatepark

Let’s get the most obvious answer out of the way — if it’s too cold to skate outside, then take it indoors. Of course, you have to expect it to be packed, but if you’re not afraid of maneuvering through the crowd, then trying out an indoor park is your best option. Private skateparks usually cost money, but many of them are government-owned so they cost a nominal fee, if anything at all.


Use Your Garage

If you’re avoiding the outdoors because of snowfall or wet weather, take advantage of the space in your own home. Move those boxes full of old hand-me-downs and carve out an area where you can practice. If your garage is big enough, you can even get a mini ramp or small rail to grind. Just make sure to wear some layers — stiff joints are way more likely to break if you have a nasty fall.


Get Technical

Carpet is a great tool to take advantage of when it’s wet and cold outside. It’s the perfect place to practice technical tricks that are a little beyond your skill level because it keeps you from rolling. It also gives you a soft landing, so you can try it over and over again without hitting the pavement. The only thing you have to be aware of when practicing on carpet is that the fluffier it is, the more it absorbs the impact of your board — meaning less pop. But hey, anything is better than nothing, right?


Watch Videos

Take advantage of being lazy this winter by skipping a session and watching skateboarding videos instead. Not only does it get you hyped for when you can finally get outside again, but it also gives you plenty of new tricks to try out when you do. Find videos of your favorite skaters, watch them in slow motion and study them to learn how they do it. Then when the rain clears, put what you’ve learned into practice.


Learn to Snowboard

Snowboarding is a sport that’s pretty close to skateboarding, which is why many skaters who live in cold-weather areas trade their skate shoes for snowboard boots in the winter. Although it’s definitely different and there’s a lot you still have to learn, it keeps you active and gives you a taste of that thrill you get from skating. If you don’t want to invest in the gear just yet, find a local shop that will rent it to you until you decide if you want to do annually.


Wintertime for skaters can be a huge bummer, but it doesn’t have to be. Get the most out of off-season by brushing up on the basics and honing some new skills while you’re at it.



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