How to Quickly Prep Your Home for the Holidays

How to Quickly Prep Your Home for the Holidays

The holidays are busy enough without worrying about your home being in perfect shape. If you’re in charge of hosting family dinner this year and are stressing about creating a cozy space for everyone to enjoy, we’ve got you covered. Skip the intensive decorating and deep cleaning for now — this step-by-step guide will help you create a holiday-filled home in no time.


Use Statement Decorations

You don’t need to buy that inflatable Santa for the front yard and the complete set of matching stockings to make your home feel holiday-ready. Instead of filling every nook and cranny with dainty figurines and cute accessories, opt instead for fewer pieces that will take more space and draw attention. Place your tree somewhere centrally located and place a large wreath in the entryway; these types of decorations will take up less time but make a bigger impact.


Light a Candle

It’s no secret that scent plays a major role in the way we experience the world around us. It’s why the smell of cookies reminds us of grandma’s house or catching a whiff of leather reminds us of dad’s old jacket. You can use this to your advantage by lighting a candle, diffusing oils or simply buying a room spray that smells like Christmas to you. It could be the aroma of pine trees, peppermint or sugar cookies — the scent itself isn't as important as creating an ambiance that feels cozy to your guests.


Focus on the Main Spaces

Let's face it: while doing a deep cleaning right before the holidays is a great aspiration, it's unlikely that it will happen amid all the hustle and bustle of the season. Don't worry about the office, kids' rooms or other less frequented rooms in the house. Focus your energy on making the main areas tidy, like the entryway, living room and bathroom.


Clean the Kitchen

If you’re going to choose an area to deep clean, skip the family room and head straight to the kitchen. Although a few decades ago this space was strictly functional, it’s pretty common now to find families gathered in the kitchen socializing. Plus, you’ll thank yourself later when four different family members are all trying to use the stove at the same time!


Turn Up the Music

Sometimes we focus so much on what the house looks like that we neglect other aspects that can make a big impact on the environment. Don’t wait until people arrive to choose a playlist — have everything ready and running by the time your first guest shows up so they feel welcomed and relaxed right away.


Don’t Neglect the Bathroom

The bathroom can be easy to forget about because it’s not exactly a space of congregation, but it is a main area of the home. Everyone who lingers in your home for a length of time will probably visit the bathroom, so make sure it’s up to par when it comes to cleanliness and décor. Luckily, it's such a small space that it's extremely easy to prepare for the holidays. Add a couple of colorful hand towels, light a seasonal candle and the space is ready to go.



Credit: Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


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