10 Perfect Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers

10 Perfect Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers

The best thing about buying for a fitness enthusiast is that you know your gift will be going to good use. Practical gifts are the best kind when it comes to someone who loves to sweat, so here’s a few to fill out the Christmas tree this holiday season.


Water Bottle

A decent water bottle is essential for anyone who’s working out regularly, especially if they’re spending time outside instead of a gym. While this may seem a little boring, there are actually tons of high-tech options out there that make this gift unique and exciting. Extra-large, insulated, even ones you can wear — the choices are endless.


Gym Bag

For fitness-lovers that spend most of their time at the gym, a bag for their gear will never go unwelcomed. It’s likely that the one they’re currently using has been initiated in through plenty of wear and tear (and sweat), so a fresh one will surely be appreciated.


Foam Roller

Give the gift of self-care this Christmas. Hardcore gym-goers put major strain on their muscles, pushing their bodies to their outer limits. A foam roller helps alleviate pain by working out knots and relaxing tight spots.


Wireless Headphones

Music and exercise go hand-in-hand, but long wires that easily tangle can be a huge hassle (and danger) when you’re focusing on exercise. Wireless headphones or Bluetooth earbuds are the perfect way to tune in to what’s important — your workout.


Jump Rope

Ideal for the exercise enthusiast living in a small space, a jump rope is the key to fitting in cardio when you don’t live in a great area for running or working out outside. Plus, it's small enough to store in a purse or glove box so you can squeeze in a workout on your lunch or between errands.




Looking for a stocking stuffer that won’t end up in the garbage? A padlock is the perfect gift for your friend who’s constantly on the move. When they go from the office to yoga class without a break, a nice padlock lets them keep their possessions safe in a locker.



It’s no surprise that a good workout puts plenty of strain on your feet, but did you know that decent socks can actually make a huge difference in the success of your workout? No longer are the days when socks are the epitome of a terrible Christmas gift — for fitness lovers, they’re luxury at its finest.


Handlebar Grips

These essential accessories are a must-have for cyclists or spin-class regulars. Nix the nasty handlebars that get sweaty and slick; handlebar grips keep your hands comfortable so you can focus on your cardio.


Shaker Bottle

Throw in a pack of protein powder with this one for an extra-thoughtful gift! Perfect for the powerlifter or your friend aspiring to be one, a shaker bottle helps them get the most out of their workout by filling up on protein after a gym session.


Gym Clothes

Believe it or not, one can never have too much activewear, so a few fresh pieces would be much appreciated. Dealing with someone particularly picky? Opt for a gift card to their favorite store instead — they’ll love getting to treat themselves.



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