How to Stay Motivated When You Can’t Land That Trick

How to Stay Motivated When You Can’t Land That Trick

The very nature of skateboarding can be physically and mentally taxing. You have to keep at it time and time again, pushing yourself past your own limits, despite the frustration and desire to throw in the towel. So how do you stay motivated when you repeatedly fail? Here are a few suggestions for sticking with it when all you want to do is walk away.


Find Other Skaters

Traveling in packs is about more than just getting good footage. Having other skaters who will push you, encourage you and celebrate with you when you land a new trick can be just what you need to stay motivated. If you don’t have friends who skate, visit the local skatepark. Skating creates a natural comradery, so it won’t take long to meet others who are just as stoked on skating as you are. Watching their technique and skill will also help you learn to develop your own.


Hype Yourself Up

If there’s no one else around to push you to keep going, let your favorite album do the work. While some pro skaters admit to playing music during a major photoshoot or video, you don’t have to bust out the heavy sound equipment to use this strategy. Find a pair of quality earbuds that are made for active use and jam out while you’re skating. You’ll find that just that small change can make a huge difference in your inclination to keep going.


Use Your Anger

Sometimes all you need to move past the hurdle is to add fuel to the fire. Instead of letting your frustration keep you from moving forward, use it as ammunition. Brian “Slash” Hansen knows this tactic well. “I would get so mad at myself for being afraid that I would use that anger to get past the fear and just go for it,” he admits. Get heated every time you fail; feed the flame and let it act as juice to keep you going.


Go for It

When all else fails, just do it anyway. Too often we get stuck in the rut of trying to get things down perfectly before we try the next big thing or taking things so slowly that we get bored. But the only true way to attack your fears when it comes to skateboarding is to tackle them head-on. Be willing to take risks and push yourself beyond your limits.



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