Bahamas Travel Guide

Bahamas Travel Guide

 Despite there being a few short periods in the year that are a little busier, the Bahamas are an amazing travel destination pretty much year-round. Whether you’re interested in the food, the beaches or what lies beneath those turquoise waters, you can expect warm weather and stunning scenery any month of the year. Ready to book your flight? Here are a few tips for creating the perfect Bahamas getaway.


When to Go

While the weather is great almost year-round, there are a few times of year that might be more enjoyable than others. June through October is the wet season, so unless a rainy day on the beach won’t bother you, it might be better to avoid those months. Aside from that, March through mid-April can be a little bit crazy because of the spring breakers, but if the party scene doesn’t bother you then there’s nothing to worry about.


Where to Stay

The Bahamas are probably most known for their popular cruise ports, but if you’re looking to stay on the islands for more than a day, lodging can be pricey if you don’t know where to look. Hotels and resorts on the cheaper end will run anywhere from $150 to $450 and can get close to $1,000, but for better value, we recommend looking for a hostel or Airbnb. Depending on which island you’re planning on spending most of your time, you can find entire apartments starting at $90.


What to Do

Beach-lovers rejoice! Whether you’re staying at the surface or diving deeper, there’s plenty to do in the Bahamas. Little ones can splash in shallow waters on any one of the white sandy beaches, while more experienced divers may want to take advantage of unparalleled diving at Lucayan National Park, Cat Island or Andros Wall.


When you’re ready to take a break from the beaches, take a stroll through downtown Nassau, check out the pirate museum or visit the Garden of the Groves on Grand Bahama Island. This unique park costs just $16.50 for a guided tour and is home to thousands of different animal and plant species, dozens of lakes and four mesmerizing waterfalls.


To sum it up, the islands are some of the most stunning you’ll see if you’re looking for a tropical paradise, but there’s also much more to discover. Take the unbeaten path, try some of the local cuisines and be open to something unexpected if you want the best experience while you’re there.



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