When Is It Time to Buy New Roller Skates?

When Is It Time to Buy New Roller Skates?

One of the best things about investing in your own roller skates is that they get their money’s worth. Instead of wasting cash on rental boots that thousands of other people have had their stinky feet in, you get a personalized, comfortable fit that you don’t have to adjust every time you skate.


Additionally, the ability to change out wheels and replace hardware makes roller skates really customizable and long-lasting. Rather than throwing out your skates every time your wheels start to wear down, you can purchase new wheels and your skates are almost as good as new.


But what about your boots? How do you know when to replace those? Generally, this process is a lot like buying new shoes. You’ll just feel like your boots are getting old, whether it be from yucky foot stench or your big toe peeking through the front. But just in case you’re not sure, here’s a list of signs that may indicate that it’s time to start shopping.


The eyelets are broken. The eyelets are the little holes that your laces feed through. After so much tugging and pulling at them, they can begin to stretch out or even break, making it impossible to get a good fit. If it’s just the laces themselves that are worn down, you can easily buy new ones. However, if the eyelets are beginning to break, it may be time to replace your boots.


The material is cracked or ripped. Most roller skates are made with leather or faux leather for its durability. After breaking them in, they should form to your foot comfortably. But after a while, the movement will start to take its toll, causing areas to crack. A little bit of cracking won’t do too much harm, but once you notice multiple areas of the boot have become cracked, it’s time to start looking at new ones.


The ankle support is no longer, well, supportive. Remember how stiff the ankle support seemed when you first got your boots? Compare it to the structure of the boot now — is it still formed? Does it still give you plenty of support? The interior plastic is meant to keep your ankles safe and prevent straining and twisting, so if it doesn’t seem like it will do that, it may be safer to go with a new boot.


The cushion has worn down. We put a lot of pressure on the soles of our feet while skating, but if the interior cushion seems virtually nonexistent, you may have reason to purchase new boots. However, if this is the only thing that seems to be worn down on your boot, consider purchasing roller skate insoles instead. These help to create more support and comfort, and you can extend the life of your roller skates a little longer.


You’re looking to try something new. Your skates may be in perfectly decent shape, but if you’re beyond their abilities, there’s no shame in stepping up your gear game. Basic roller skates are great for beginners or occasional rink visitors, but there are much better options out there for jam, rhythm or outdoor skaters that can hold up to more wear and tear.


If you’re ready to buy new roller skates, congratulations! Your skates have been well-loved and well-worn. Plus, you can be sure you’ll get your use out of the next pair you buy. Before you visit the sporting goods store, start thinking about your skating goals and styles you’d like to try out. It may also be a good idea to learn more about different types of roller skates for good measure.



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