Top Travel Destinations for Millennials in 2019

Top Travel Destinations for Millennials in 2019

Unlike the generations that have come before them, millennials place an extremely high value on travel. The unique experiences that travel provides are considered more important than paying off student loans, starting a family or improving relationships. They also focus far more on learning about a culture, connecting with people and being inspired than any other generation. These 5 locations are sure to embolden to millennial’s wanderlust spirit.


Photo by Adrien Olichon

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam still tops countless travel lists for good reason. Stroll along the canals for just a short time and you’ll pass by numerous museums and culturally-significant locations: the Amsterdam History Museum, the Tulip Museum, the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum and so many more. If connecting with a culture is your priority, this is not a location to skip over because of its prevalence in travel guides.


Santorini, Greece

Santorini is the picturesque ideal that many of us expect when we think of traveling: authentic cuisine, friendly locals and rich history that still shows itself today. It’s impossible not to be immersed in the language, food and stunning scenery of Santorini. Plus, it’s just a short trip from Sparta, Crete or Athens.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia is gradually becoming one of the hot spots of Europe, and we suggest taking advantage of its lesser popularity before the resort-style tourists take it over. Nestled neatly between the Adriatic Sea and the rest of the Balkan countries, it is a delicious blend of Mediterranean and Eastern European cultures.


Beijing, China

If you’re craving something more unique from the western world, Beijing offers a history that is unparalleled. Visit the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and the Summer Palace, or take the unbeaten trail by trying the mouthwatering street food, wandering the 798 Art District or seeking out some of the smaller districts on the outskirts of the big city.



Istanbul, Turkey

As the only transcontinental city, Istanbul features the best of both Asian and European culture. Among its most notable attractions are the Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace and the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, but you can’t go wrong with simply strolling the Galata Bridge or exploring Jewish history in the Galata and Balat quarters.



New York City, New York

In his book The Geography of Bliss, Eric Weiner described New York City as American culture on steroids. If it’s possible to experience the culture of such an expansive country in just one city, this must be it. Split between five different boroughs, you can experience a myriad of cultures in one trip, try tons of different foods, visit countless museums and still not see half of what there is to see in the Big Apple.



Credit: Photo by Adrien OlichonKartik SinghalChastagner ThierryRohan ReddyNamphuong Van and Tom Grimbert on Unsplash



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