Pump Up Your Workout Wardrobe: 5 Must-Have Activewear Items

Pump Up Your Workout Wardrobe: 5 Must-Have Activewear Items

Whether you’re a hardcore fitness fanatic or just starting out, your workout wear plays a significant role in your workout. Some are simple necessities, items that are an absolute must before you even try to step into the gym. Others are perhaps less necessary but can totally transform your experience. Choosing the right activewear can improve motivation and increase performance. Here’s your go-to checklist for your wardrobe.


Leggings / Compression Pants — Leggings are old news for female fitness junkies, but the trend is hitting male markets just as hard. No matter what you call them, compression pants can do wonders for your performance. With no loose fabric to snag or slide down, they make exercise way easier. The snug fit also allows you to get a better picture of your form, so you can ensure you don’t get injured and see where you need to improve. Lastly, leggings can help to warm up your muscles, maximizing performance and weight loss.


Workout Sneakers — Choosing the right shoes is one of the most common difficulties people have when building their workout wardrobe. With so many different technologies and features, how do you know what’s necessary and what’s just a fluffy marketing tactic? It all depends on you. Contrary to popular belief, shoes are not all created equal. Different needs for support, cushion and drop depend on whether you’re running, walking, kickboxing or lifting weights. It also depends on the shape of your foot. Do plenty of research to figure out what you need before you drop the cash.


Headphones — Jamming out to your favorite album gives a rhythm to your workout. In fact, multiple scientific studies show that listening to music while you exercise can help boost esteem, increase endurance and promote metabolism. If music’s not your thing, listening to an audiobook or podcast can also help distract you from the fatigue. The biggest factor — make sure you pick a pair that’s made for working out. The last thing you want is nasty, sweaty headphones or earbuds that keep falling out.


Yoga Mat — Although a yoga mat technically isn’t activewear, it’s enough of a necessity to throw it into this mix. Even if you’re not into yoga (although you should be, it does wonders for your body!), a good yoga mat will be your best friend when you’re doing floor exercises like crunches, push-ups or ab bicycles. It provides cushion and reduces stress on your joints, while also maximizing grip to provide stability. Your yoga mat should be just as much of a non-negotiable as what you put on your body.


Sports Bra — For women, sports bras are by far the number one piece of activewear to have. Even if you have to forego all the previous items, exercising without a decent sports bra can be extremely uncomfortable, even painful, so splurging on a high-quality one is an absolute must. When looking for one that’s going to provide support, skip past the strappy designs and cute cut-out mesh. While they may look fun, functionality is not their top priority. Opt instead for thicker shoulder straps and a wide band encircling your ribcage. If you can, find one with thicker material for better compression.


These five items are must-haves before you start sweating. Whether you’re preparing for your first 5K, upping your weight game or getting back into dancing, a solid workout wardrobe isn’t complete without supportive activewear.



Photo by MARK ADRIANE and Alexander Redl on Unsplash


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