10 Fitness Instagram Influencers You Should Be Following

10 Fitness Instagram Influencers You Should Be Following

Workout buddy? Check. Weights? Check. What’s missing? Inspiration. We’ve curated a list of 10 of our favorite fitness influencers on Instagram. Whether you’re a total gym rat, a dedicated runner or a yoga fanatic, it’s important to have fitness role models you can look to for motivation on those sluggish days. Get your phone ready — you’ll want to tap “follow” for every one of these fitness superstars.



If you’re tired of looking at fitness accounts that seem completely out of reach, Tawnya and Vince Cline give a genuine, authentic picture of what healthy living looks like. Amid incredible before-and-after pictures and inspiring quotes, the couple posts images of their family and friends, meals worth salivating over and of course, their adorable pup (@captain__underbite)!



Rocco Venizelos is an athlete, personal trainer, health coach and the founder of Bros Do Science. His scientific approach to fitness is totally unique and his philosophical spin on what it means to be healthy is one-of-a-kind. With quotes from everyone from Hippocrates to Leonardo Da Vinci to Friedrich Nietzsche, you’re sure to find some inspiration in his educational posts.



Talk about inspiring! Kim’s incredible weight loss journey is one for the books. She’s lost 123 pounds since she started and is still going strong. If weight loss is your fitness goal and you’re looking for a friendly face to push you forward, Kim’s your gal.



Looking to amp up your training? After retiring from a young football career and becoming a personal trainer, Antoine Dunn has honed his focus to boxing and body weight workouts. His regular posts with trainees are evidence that dedication makes all the difference.



Dan Sundell is a gymnastics coach, but his incredible dedication is inspiring no matter what your sweat style is. In addition to some incredibly cool strength demonstrations by his students, Dan shows that staying fit after 40 isn’t impossible. Plus, his clean-line photos are really motivating!



If muscle gain is your game, then Shana is your girl. Shana’s a mom, motivator and all-natural bodybuilder. Her inspiring photos are enough to light a flame under even the biggest of fitness junkies.



Kimberlie’s dedication to running is truly inspiring. The best part? She tells it how it is. Bad days, gnarly colds, tough cramps — she pulls no punches, creating an incredible community of runners who help each other out and push each other forward with every stride.



Blair’s motivational photos show that health isn’t just about a strong body. As a mental health advocate and trained counselor, she constantly emphasizes the direct connection between taking care of your body and taking care of your mind. Plus, you can find lots of extra education posts by her on her website, Falling Into Peace.



Julia’s incredible, clean-line yoga poses are not only expressive and inspiring, they’re also in gorgeous locations. In addition to encouraging you to expand your practice and challenge yourself, she might also give you a little bit of wanderlust. Plus, gain extra knowledge and inspiration on her website, Eat Flow Live.



If Bridgette can juggle a dedicated workout schedule in the midst of full-time college classes, then you can fit it into your schedule too. Not only is Bridgette super motivating, she also posts workout videos so you can follow along with her on her fitness journey.


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