How to Repurpose an Old Skateboard

How to Repurpose an Old Skateboard

While it’s more common to ride your skateboard until it has virtually disintegrated into dust, that’s not always the ideal situation. Sure, you want to make the most of every skateboard you get your hands on, but let’s face it: you’re not going to do your best skating on a noseless deck with shredded grip tape. Luckily, there are a few ways you can extend the life of a skateboard without riding it into the ground. Save the sentimental value and make the most of an old board with these upcycling hacks.


Use it as a bench. If you’ve still got a whole deck to work with, an old skateboard makes a great space for extra seating both inside and outside. Simply attach a pair of hairpin legs to the mounting holes on the bottom of the deck, and you’ve got a quick, easy piece of furniture that still has an urban, underground feel.


Build a chair. Another seating option that doesn’t rely on having a whole deck is a chair built from multiple decks. Halves of two different decks work easily, and the clash of two different graphics — one as the seat and one as the back — give it an eclectic vibe. While this project takes a little more work, it takes up less space and works well if you have scraps of different boards lying around.


Build a table. This may seem like a labor-intensive project, but the mounting holes that skateboards already have actually make this really easy. That is, easy to make a small side table or coffee table. Stack a few decks next to each other on a thin piece of wood, then use the mounting holes to attach legs on each corner. Voila, you have a table.


Create a storage rack. Use more than just the deck with a unique coat rack or storage hooks. Simply remove the trucks from the bottom of the deck, attach them to the top of it along the horizontal length of the board, and you have a perfectly usable hook for hanging backpacks, jackets and hats. Bonus tip: use new wheels to avoid getting grime all over your hanging items.


Make some shelf space. Repurposing an old skateboard can’t get easier than this. Cut a skateboard deck in half vertically, then attach L-brackets to the bottom of the deck and mount the deck to the wall. You get to keep a well-loved skateboard around while simultaneously making room for those knickknacks hanging around your room.


Use it to store your new boards. If tchotchkes aren’t your thing, you can use the same strategy to build storage for your fresh, new skateboards. Instead of slicing the deck in half, use horizontal cutouts to hold your new skateboards. Mount it to the wall by attaching L-brackets to the bottom of the deck.


Create a swing. This simple repurposing solution is great for young skaters or parents of little ones. Use those handy mounting holes to attach ropes for a tree swing — they’re already perfectly placed to make the project simple and easy. Plus, anything that gets kids outside is an A+ in our book.



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