How to Bust Boredom in Your Workout Routine

How to Bust Boredom in Your Workout Routine

There’s nothing worse than being hit with insane boredom when you’re on a roll with your workout routine. You’re chugging along, totally okay with that extra hour you’re spending in between work and dinnertime because it makes you feel good. Then the gym rut hits — and you’re dragging your feet, making every excuse possible and looking for ways to get out of doing one more bicep curl.


It happens to the best of us. Luckily, that glorious place called the Internet has a thing or two to advise when it comes to getting past the boredom. Here are some of our favorite ideas for switching up your workout to beat the exercise apathy.


Join a Group Class

For some reason, committing to a class seems way more final than committing to work out on your own — even if the instructor would have no idea that you bailed. But other than giving yourself a harder way to get out of exercise, group classes can be a lot of fun. They give you opportunities to learn something new, like barre or Pilates, and create a space to meet new people.


Find a (New) Workout Buddy

Speaking of meeting new people, finding a workout buddy can make a huge difference in your willingness to go to the gym. It provides accountability and gives you someone to talk to while you’re jogging on the treadmill. If you already have a workout buddy, try finding a different one. We’re not saying ditch the other completely — but switching up your company adds variety to the conversation and makes it more difficult to cancel last minute.


Try a New Piece of Equipment

You know that piece of equipment that sits in the corner of the room that looks really intimidating? Try it out. Ask someone who works at the gym how it works, or better yet, ask someone who is using it to show you the ropes. Learning something new helps create that freshness that you need to get you out of a routine rut. Plus, it may work muscle groups you were missing before.


Change What You’re Listening To

Sometimes workout boredom comes not from the actual workout, but from the monotony of the whole experience. If you tend to have a go-to workout playlist that you listen to every time, try switching to something new. If you’re a die-hard rock fan and no other genre will do it for you, then try listening to a podcast or audiobook instead.


Switch Up the Scenery

If you have two different gyms at your disposal (like maybe your friend has a guest pass at a different gym), then great — check out fresh equipment and a new setup. But if not, don’t sweat it. You can get in a great workout in your living room, at the park or on the beach. Just changing up the place you work out can be enough to get you out of the workout rut.



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