A New Day is Here for Sauna Fitness Wear

A New Day is Here for Sauna Fitness Wear

Back in the day, people would wear rubber sauna suits in an effort to lose weight fast. They were made from loose fitting, non-breathable material that would basically stop the body from cooling down. This resulted in fast water loss that led to dehydration and overheating for some people. Weight loss was only temporary and not beneficial for the person’s health. Overall, the sauna suits of the past didn’t offer many long-lasting benefits for most consumers.


Interesting fact: People lose an average 1 to 1.5 pounds of water per day through sweating.

Today there’s a whole new wave of sauna wear available. Made from breathable materials, the modern sauna suit is designed with strategic panels that allow enough air to get through. Sauna wear will still remove excess water from your body by maximizing heat retention and perspiration, but only in targeted places. You can safely decrease toxics and impurities from your body without overheating. Health benefits could include weight loss, detoxification, improved immune system, increased metabolism, and even help for some skin conditions. Combined with proper eating and exercise, sauna fitness wear can help with long-term health goals.


Not all sauna fitness wear is the same.

Make sure you get sauna wear made from only high quality, breathable materials. Lycra is a stretchy fabric that enables the body to cool down. Avoid clothing that doesn’t allow enough air to circulate.

Choose sauna fitness wear with panels in the front and back to support your core. Make sure any non-breathable fabric is targeting only those areas you want reduced. If you want to work on decreasing your stomach, choose sauna wear with neoprene insulation panels around the midriff. If you want to decrease your backside, choose sauna wear with flexible neoprene insulation foam panels that cover your glutes for targeted heat retention and increased perspiration.

Most importantly, make sure your sauna wear is constructed with the right fabric to keep you safe and healthy. Don’t overuse a good thing. Wear your sauna suit for short periods of time in the beginning. Listen to your body so you can get the maximum benefits from today’s improved sauna fitness wear. If you stick to it, you could see a positive difference in the way you look and feel sooner than you think.


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