5 Fun Watersports Kids Will Love

5 Fun Watersports Kids Will Love

As summer nears and family vacations make their way onto the calendar, many start looking for activities that are fun for everyone. Picking excursions or planning fun activities can be quite a challenge for families with kids of multiple ages.


Luckily, watersports tend to have a versatility that make them easy to enjoy. Especially for families who already love being in the water, they’re a great choice for all-age activities that have a little something for everyone and don’t include looking at a screen all day.


Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

Stand-up paddle boarding is a great introductory sport for kids to get used to being on the water and testing their balance. For first-timers, it’s best to choose a location where the winds and waters will be calm, but this by no means makes the sport boring or uneventful. It’s also perfect for families with various ages, as kids who are more confident or adventurous can challenge themselves while more hesitant ones move at their own speed.


Wakeboarding / Water skiing

If your next vacation is a family trip to the lake, wakeboarding and water skiing are both worth looking into. Ideal for families who love a kick of adrenaline, they’re easily adaptable for younger kids who have confidence in the water and love trying something new. Plus, kids who skateboard, roller skate or ice skate will have a leg up when attempting these sports for the first time.



Although surfing can be quite a challenge, it can be equally rewarding for first-timers. Learning to stand up or stay on the board longer boosts confidence and motivates kids to challenge themselves. Families learning to surf together will have a blast cheering each other on as they accomplish new goals.


Kayaking or Canoeing

For an activity that’s a little more group-oriented, kayaking and canoeing both offer the same sense of accomplishment with the support of a team unit. Families can explore coves and see the shoreline from afar, all while working together to paddle and maneuver. To choose whether you should kayak or canoe, consider the age, experience and physical ability of the children. Either one is a great choice for a family activity.



Active swimmers and adventurous spirits will love the thrill of seeing the underwater world. Animal lovers particularly tend to enjoy snorkeling in areas where there’s plenty of biodiversity, and it’s a blast to see the excitement on their faces when they spot a sea turtle or ray. Plus, small children or weaker swimmers can wear snorkeling vests to give them a rest from swimming if they need it, so everyone in your family can easily get in on the fun.


Watersports are a great combination of individual activities and team-building tasks. Whether your child likes playing with a group or prefers to be in control, there are tons of options for your family to do something that’s fun, challenging and great for all ages.



Credit: Photos by Filip MrozPiotr Chrobot & Ben White on Unsplash and Pixabay


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