5 Crazy Skateparks to Add to Your Skateboarding Bucket List

5 Crazy Skateparks to Add to Your Skateboarding Bucket List

There’s a lot of controversy around skateboarding becoming more mainstream. But there’s definitely one good thing about it: skateparks are popping up everywhere. Some countries are definitely more skate-central than others, but there’s still tons of unique parks to try no matter where you go. Whether you’re looking for gnarly pipes or sweet transitions, there’s something on this list for every skater. Here are five skateparks you have to add to your bucket list.


SMP Skatepark

Built in Shanghai, China in 2005, this skatepark is the largest skatepark in the world. Clocking in at over 145 thousand square feet, the park cost a whopping $25 million to build. It’s so big that it’s certified by Guinness World Records (seriously), and it’s pretty much impossible to hit all the features in one day. SMP is the perfect excuse to take a long trip and shred until your bones ache.


Venice Beach

A landmark location for skateboarders, the Venice Beach skatepark is the original stomping grounds of the Z-boys of the 70s. With its prime spot right on the beach, skating it feels like traveling back in time to the golden days of skating. It features a street course, snake run, bowls and transitions. Plus, there’s nothing better than soaking in that California sun while you’re thrashing hard.


Street Dome

Perhaps the most unique of the bunch, this park located in Haderslev, Denmark is just as much an art exhibit as it is a skatepark. The 65 thousand-square-foot Street Dome was designed for more than just skaters. Skateboarder Rune Glifberg and architect Ebbe Lyke wanted to create a space that was community-oriented. In addition to the sweet skate features, the park also includes a basketball court, climbing wall and a water feature for canoeing.


David Armstrong Extreme Park

For skaters ready to shred nonstop, this 40 thousand-square-foot park in Louisville, Kentucky is the place to be. Unlike other skateparks that close when the sun goes down, this one’s open 24 hours a day. Skating at night is a totally different experience — it brings back that feeling of rebellion that’s ingrained in skate culture. If that’s not enough, this park also has a 24-foot full pipe. Loop it if you dare.



Burnside skatepark is a legend simply because of its history. In 1990, a group of skaters had been hounding government officials to build a skatepark and finally got fed up with being ignored. So they bypassed the law and started building anyway. When the community noticed that crime decreased with the building of the park, local businesses backed them up, giving them public support for the park. Eventually, the city of Portland sanctioned the park, marking it an iconic symbol of the rebellious spirit of skating.


These parks are just a few of the many with history and hardcore elements worth checking out. There are countless others out there that are sure to make a gnarly skate sesh. What are your favorite parks around the globe? Let us know in the comments below.



Credit: Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan,Chris Brignola on Unsplash & Liz McNews OresunPaul Lambert on Flickr & David Harpe [CC BY-SA 2.5], from Wikimedia Commons


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