5 Things You Can Do Every Day to Get Better at Roller Skating

5 Things You Can Do Every Day to Get Better at Roller Skating

The easiest way to get better at roller skating is to practice regularly, but sometimes fitting in a session isn’t as easy as just lacing up your skates. With busy lives and packed-full schedules, we have to make the most of every minute we have available, including those five minutes we’re waiting in line at the grocery store. These simple changes in your everyday routine can help you improve your roller-skating technique.


Work on Your Balance

Do you ever wonder how much time is wasted just standing in line during your average day? Imagine if all that time was spent working on your skating. For those times when you only have a couple of minutes in between tasks, like waiting for an elevator or pumping gas at the gas station, take a few moments to practice your balance. This can be as simple as standing on one leg for 30 seconds. To amp it up a little, try lifting your leg and pointing your toe forward, then point it to the side. Learning how to maintain your balance is a key factor in roller skating.


Use Your Hips

You know that awkward dance you do when you have 10 things in your hands and you’re trying to close the car door? Turns out there’s more benefit to that then we thought. Using your hips and butt to maneuver this way helps you practice using your lower body to move in general. Plus, if your end goal is playing roller derby, it’s great everyday practice for blocking.


Skate Everywhere

The wonderful thing about roller skating is you don’t have to stick to a rink. Because of the very nature of the sport, it’s easy to fit practice in during your everyday errands. Skate to work, to school or to the grocery store. If you’re doing chores around the house, practice standing in your skates on the carpet. The more you get used to wearing them, the more their movement will become second nature.


Take the Stairs

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to integrate training into your everyday life is simply to skip the elevator. Walking, in general, is great for your quads and glutes, but throw in a little bit of elevation and your muscles will thank you. In the doctor’s office, at work or on campus: there are tons of opportunities to fit in a mini workout.


Exercise at Your Desk

The number one thing you can do to help out your future self is working out your quads and your glutes. Luckily, you don’t need weights or a leg press to do this. Even if you work a desk job, fitting in a few lunges on your lunch break or squeezing your quads while sitting in your chair is enough to give your lower body the extra workout it needs.



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