10 Practical Ideas for Self-Care

10 Practical Ideas for Self-Care

Health isn’t just about working out and eating good food — it’s about your internal wellness too. Your psychological, relational and emotional states affect your physical body in more ways than one. But search Pinterest for health tips and you’ll find an eternal results page of glute exercises but virtually nothing for mental well-being. To make sure you’re taking care of your whole body, use these tips to implement better self-care into your routine.


    1. Take a different route to work. You know that feeling of “how did I get here without dying?” because you totally zone out on your way to work? Give your mind some exercise by getting out of that rut.
    2. Cross something off your to-do list that’s been there forever, like taking that shirt to the seamstress or getting your car detailed. This will relieve some of that everyday pressure.
    3. Get out in nature. Just 5 minutes of being outside can do wonders for your mind and body. Many studies have suggested that being outside regularly can help reduce depression, increase happiness and even lower your chances of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
    4. Dance! Whether it’s in a dance class, in your living room or in your shower, dancing is good for you physically and mentally. It causes endorphins (or the “happy hormones”) to be released in your brain.
    5. Stretch. This one’s best in the morning — spend some time paying attention to your body, stretching out muscles and working out the knots if you need to.
    6. Minimize your closet. How much time do you spend deciding what to wear in the morning? How much time would you save if you only had a few options? Give yourself a break and cut down on the clothes.
    7. Journal. It’s pretty rare today that we take the time to sit in silence and ponder our own thoughts. Take out the earbuds, turn off the television and spend some time writing out how you’re feeling.
    8. Take yourself on a date. Whether that’s going on a picnic, checking out the local museum or getting dressed up for a night at the theater, it’s rare that we spend time alone doing things we actually enjoy.
    9. Take a weekend trip. Book a room for one and plan a trip for just you. Explore a new city alone and enjoy your own company while getting to know the locals.
    10. Try something new. Always wanted to take a cooking class? Wondering what surfing is all about? Schedule a day to learn something you’ve always wanted to learn. 


    Keep in mind that self-care isn’t the same for everyone. It’s also not the same for every aspect of your health. Your body might need to get outside, but your mind might need some deep meditation. The most important thing about monitoring your own wellness is balance — so make sure you’re taking care of every part of you.



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