Romantic Dive Destinations

Romantic Dive Destinations

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for flowers and chocolates — it’s also the perfect time to splurge on a couple’s trip for you and your significant other. Plus, taking a romantic getaway into the deep mysteries of the underwater world is way more romantic than going to a crowded restaurant with a hundred other couples. Luckily, there are countless locations that offer vibrant, postcard-worthy scenes and unforgettable experiences for you to choose from. Here are just a few of our favorite dive destinations for couples this February.



If you’re looking for a way to revive those old butterflies, Beqa Lagoon’s shark dive will definitely get your adrenaline pumping. A small island south of Fiji’s main island inhabits a cozy collection of villas with thatched rooves. Just outside your door: the opportunity to come face to face with tiger, bull, lemon and reef sharks up to 12 feet long. And if daunting sea creatures aren’t your style, there’s plenty of gorgeous coral and smaller sea critters worth seeing too.


Kuda Huraa, Maldives

Internationally known for its abundant wildlife and diverse ecosystems, this stretch of water is warm year-round and home to a bustling ridge of countless creatures. Spot eagle rays skimming the ocean floor, watch clownfish circle the underwater greenery and peer at turtles cruising along the reef’s edge. More than just a place for panoramic views, the Kuda Huraa resort also focuses on wildlife conservation and offers interactive discovery activities. Get up close to protected sea turtle hatchlings or watch spinner dolphins leap out of the water in their natural habitat. For wildlife-lovers, this location is the one for you.


Wakatobi, Indonesia

If you’re in desperate need of some alone time, look no further than this private-island resort. An island completely undisturbed save for the cluster of bungalows along one side, Wakatobi guarantees solitude surrounded by 100 miles of empty beaches. The resort also boasts a level of biodiversity uncommon to other diving locations around the world – so much so that new species continue to be discovered along their reefs. With a vastly diverse environment and ethereal views, this is definitely a spot you’ll want to put down in your logbook.


This year, ditch the cheesy Hallmark cards for something a little more memorable. Whether you’re hoping for a Valentine’s Day that’s mellow and relaxing or a chance to experience something exciting, scuba diving boasts the best of both worlds.


 Credit: Photo by Mohamed Ali on Unsplash 


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