How to Spin on Roller Skates

How to Spin on Roller Skates

Spinning on roller skates isn’t as hard as it looks. In fact, it’s one of the simplest tricks you can practice and one of the first ones we recommend learning if you’re a newbie on wheels. But there are a couple of different ways to practice spins, both of which take some different skills and types of movements. If you’re building foundations for more advanced skating later on, it’s a great choice for you to master both of these. But even if you’re just dipping your toe stops into this pool of new skills, you can pick the strategy that looks most comfortable to you.


Two Foot Spin (Version 1)

This first type of two foot spin relies heavily on your upper-body movement. It also takes a lot more physical effort to turn this way, but it may be an easier option if you’re just starting out. To do a two foot spin, stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Think about which direction you’re going to spin — this plays a large part in how you move your body. In a moment your feet will split, with one going backward and the other going forward. If you’re turning to the left, your right foot should move forward, and vice versa.

Start by using your arms to rotate your upper body in the direction you want to spin. As your skates follow your body movement, push that front skate forward and the back skate backward. As you bring the skates back together, your torso should be facing the direction you are turning. Bring your arms close to your body as your body spins.



Two Foot Spin (Version 2)

The second type of two foot spin requires a little bit more skill but allows you to spin for a longer period of time if you choose to. Before you attempt the spin, start by walking in a circle with your skates by touching your toes together, then your heels. Repeat this movement until you feel comfortable.

Once you get the hang of this movement, you can create a better, smoother spin by skating between positions instead of stepping. Touch your toes together with your heels out, and skate backward with one foot, then forward with the other. If you are spinning to the left, your left skate will skate backward while your right skate skates forward. If you are spinning to the right, the opposite is true.


Note that these are only two foot spins, and there is an array of different spins you can learn as you build up your confidence. Master these skills and take it up a notch next time with a one foot spin or spinning on your toes!

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