How to Bring the Outdoors Into Your Home

How to Bring the Outdoors Into Your Home

As the weather heats up, leaving the windows open and welcoming in the fresh springtime air becomes a little more difficult. Gone are the days of feeling the balmy breeze blow through the house or the scent of budding flowers waft through the window. Summer is rolling around, which means we’ll all be cranking up that air conditioner. If you’re dreading having to shut out the fresh air like we are, here are five steps you can take to bringing the outdoor aesthetic into your home.

 Choose the Right Colors

Step 1: Choose the Right Colors.

You don’t have to paint a mural of the ocean in your living room to feel like you’re at the beach. Think of an outdoor scene that you want to replicate. Is it lying on the beach? Camping in the forest? Strolling through a garden? Pick hues that are reminiscent of that scene. Whether it’s beachy blues or garden greens, finding a few accessories that mimic that landscape’s colors will help you create the perfect outdoor ambience.


Step 2: Plants!

What better way to bring the outdoors in than to actually bring the outdoors in? House plants are totally trendy right now, so whether you’re looking for desert succulents or leafy vines, it’s extremely easy to find information on caring for the greenery that fits your aesthetic. Plus, they help to purify air, so you’ll even get that fresh-air smell that can only come with being outside.


Step 3: Enhance Natural Light

We know, we know. It’s easier said than done. The obvious strategy to bringing more light into your home is to have lots of windows and maybe even a skylight or two, but we don’t expect you to bust a hole in your ceiling to let in the light. Instead, opt for strategically placing seating areas near brightly-lighted areas. You can also try adding mirrors to your space; not only do they reflect light, they also make your place feel open and airy by creating the illusion of more room.


Step 4: Choose Natural Materials

Luckily, raw materials are having a hot moment right now. Walk into any major home décor superstore and you’ll see plenty of wood and stone to fill your nature-loving needs. The important part is to remember your landscape inspiration: if you’re channeling your dream beach house, opt for birch instead of oak tables, or sandstone instead of slate countertops. You can also channel the outdoor aesthetic by bringing in textured accessories like woven rugs and throw pillows.

 Stimulate the Senses

Step 5: Stimulate the Senses

We all know that scent plays a huge role in evoking memories. Maybe the smell of leather reminds you of your dad, or the aroma of cinnamon takes you back to your grandma’s kitchen. You can use this power to strategically take you (and your houseguests) outside. Use candles, incense or essential oils to make your home smell just as great as it looks! Want it to feel like a flower garden? Get a candle that smells like lilacs. If you’re looking for an earthier scent, go for scents like cedar or sandalwood instead.


For the nature-lover, backpacker and beach-vacationer, there are countless ways to bring the outdoor elements you love into your home. By selectively choosing colors and accessories that evoke memories of the natural environment, you can create a place of comfort and relaxation for yourself and your guests.


Credit: Photos by Nathan FertigMichael BrowningDaniel ChenLogan NolinJarosław Ceborski on Unsplash and Pexels


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