Four Easy Ways To Add Fun To Every Day

Four Easy Ways To Add Fun To Every Day

In today’s busy, troubled world it can seem difficult to achieve and maintain a positive outlook, but there are many small, simple ways to inject joy into your life on a regular basis. You already know life is going to throw a lot of challenges, negativity and problems your way. You’ve got to take an active role in tipping the scales in the other direction, and the effort is very much worth it. Here are four tips to get you thinking about ways to make joy a regular part of your life.


Where Stakes Are Low, Give Yourself Permission To Quit

There are plenty of things that, as a responsible adult, you can’t quit: the job you need to make a living, the regular exercise you need to keep yourself healthy, the college classes you need to complete in order to graduate, or being a parent, for example. All the more reason to let yourself quit the things you can when they stress you out, rob you of time or energy you don’t have to spare, or simply aren’t adding anything of value to your life.

So what if you already paid the fee for that art class at the community center? If you find yourself dreading the class and procrastinating on all the practice assignments, it’s not the fun stress reliever you’d hoped for when you signed up. Let it go.

If you’re not enjoying a book you’re reading for pleasure, you’re not getting any pleasure from it. Don’t force yourself to waste any more of your precious time and attention: dump it and find another you like better. Similarly, there’s no law that says you must sit through every movie to the end---not even if you’re seeing it in a theater.


Grant Your Own Wishes

Remember when you were a kid and a parent or caregiver said, “No,” and you pouted, “When I’m a grown up I’ll…play videogames all day…have breakfast for dinner whenever I want…stay up all night watching movies…buy the big box of Legos…dye my hair blue…” et cetera, et cetera.

Well guess what? You are a grown up now. You may not be able to do all the crazy things you dreamed of as a kid, but surely you can do some of them. They may feel silly and frivolous at first, but remember: that’s what made them sound so great to the kid version of you! Go ahead: every so often set aside a whole day for a cartoon binge watch in pajamas, eat dinner foods for breakfast and breakfast foods for dinner, order dessert first, or jump in the pool with all your clothes on.


Add Fun To Every Room

Many of the practical home and office products you use every day are available in more colorful or fun versions.

You’re going to need slippers anyway, so why not choose slippers that make your feet look like unicorns or dragons? You need a light on the nightstand or side table; why can’t it be shaped like a narwhal, unicorn, dragon or beckoning good luck cat? Isn’t a giant, smiling, plush s’more that heats up a more appealing bedtime reading pillow option than one of your usual bed pillows?

In the kitchen, a ramen bowl set, salt and pepper shakers, and mug in the shape of unicorns add a little magic to your day. A tea infuser shaped like a scuba diving unicorn takes the annoyance out of the wait while your leaves steep.

At the office, you don’t have to litter your workspace with office toys or collectibles to add fun. Paper clips in amusing shapes and bright colors lighten your mood and work just as well as their boring, silver metal counterparts. Colored staples and pencils wrapped in rainbow colors or cool designs are another way to make every day at work a little brighter while still maintaining your professionalism.


Indulge In Small Luxuries

Maybe you can’t afford to buy designer clothes, a fancy car or a spendy watch, but bars of handmade or imported soap aren’t so far out of reach and will keep you feeling pampered for weeks. Similarly, genuine vanilla extract will cost you a few more dollars than the imitation stuff, but you’ll be enjoying its superior taste in every recipe for months. Basmati rice costs more than regular, long grain white rice too, but we’re still only talking about a few dollars a bag and fragrant, nutty Basmati is a treat.

If you’re in the habit of making your premium teas, coffees, liqueurs and condiments go further by watering them down, stop it! Even if it means you run out sooner and have to go without until you can replace the item, fewer servings with full flavor are better than the longer-lasting, but diluted version.


Remember: happy doesn’t just happen. It needs your help to become part of your everyday life.


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