Deck The Halls With These Amazing Gifts

Deck The Halls With These Amazing Gifts

10 Great Holiday Gifts for Exercise Fanatics


We all have that super healthy friend or family member who somehow manages to hit the gym even when they’re sick or on vacation. They never miss a day to work out and strengthen their body. Now that Christmas is almost here, it’s a good time to buy them a gift that acknowledges their dedication. Since time is quickly running out, we’ve gathered a list of the best gifts you can buy for that special health nut in your life. There are plenty of great holiday gifts this season. Enjoy!


Running Shoes

A solid pair of well-made running shoes is the perfect gift for the joggers you know. Some prices can be steep, but many major shoe brands are offering more affordable options nowadays. Look for lightweight designs with shoe construction made specifically for runners. For the avid walker in your life, a nice new pair of walking shoes would make even Scrooge smile.


Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are a practical gift for all health levels. This handy fitness tool will track how much activity a person completes during the day. Information such as heart rates and sleep patterns can also be tracked. The convenient wristband design makes them easy to wear at work and play. Choose between different designs and colors for a fashionable twist on the ever-popular pedometer.


Treadmills and Elliptical Machines

Did you recently get a raise at work and feel like splurging? Get your loved one a gift they can use every single day. Treadmills and elliptical machines are a really special gift for someone who is committed to fitness. The holidays are a great time to get big-ticket items at department stores for much less money than you would normally pay. Look for great online deals and informercial specials too.


Waist Belts

Exercise fans always keep it tight even when they aren’t working out. Compression wear is a great gift for anyone concerned about their stomach or other trouble-spot areas. If you have a friend or family member who does endless abdominal crutches, this may be the perfect gift for them. Waist Belts can provide a custom fit that supports their back and abdomen area whether they’re exercising or standing still.


Free Weights and Resistance Bands

Even if your friend hits the gym daily, they would still like the convenience of having small weights at home. Having a few lightweight dumbbells around the house is great for doing targeted “spot” exercises whenever the mood strikes. Choose between 1 to 10-pound free weights in the colors they love the most. Add some exercise resistance bands in different sizes for friends who travel a lot. They can simply throw some bands into their suitcase to work out even when they’re far away from home.


Yoga Gear

Do you have a family member or friend who can’t get enough “om” in their life? Get your favorite yoga lover a new mat or comfy yoga pants. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness giving them something they can use all the time. Add a yoga tape or towel for some extra fun. You can never go wrong with this gift.


Sauna Fitness Wear

A big trend this year in fitness gear are new advances in sauna wear construction. Made with safer and more breathable fabric, today’s fitness wear gets the job done. Exercise fans are always looking for ways to detoxify their body while increasing their metabolism. Now they have some help with this new wave of sauna wear. Make sure to get sauna fitness wear with Lycra panels to avoid overheating.


Exercise Balls

Colorful, durable exercise balls (or toning balls) are a great way to strengthen the abdominal, back, and core muscles. Exercise fans love using them to warm up or for concentrating on certain muscle groups. They are also great for stretching the back and improving overall balance. Make sure to choose a ball constructed with a non-slip surface for extra safety. Pick a fun color to give this gift a personal touch.


Protective Gear

Does your friend have bad knees but still loves to exercise daily? Do you have a family member who is always complaining about a bad back yet never misses a chance to hit the gym? Consider buying them some protective gear such as pads, guards, or braces for their knees, wrists, back, or legs.



If your family member or friend is a water fanatic, chances are they love diving, snorkeling, swimming, surfing, or bodyboarding. Get the latest in wetsuit wear to help them stay nice and warm during all their underwater adventures.


Now that you know what to buy, check out the prices online before you shop at the mall. Getting the best deal possible always makes holiday shopping a little less stressful. You can often buy the same exact item online for less money. Be sure to get your online orders completed soon to receive your package in time for the holidays. If you like doing your shopping in person, remember to look through local newspaper ads and flyers for extra coupon savings at major departments stores. Now you’re all set to celebrate the season with all these really cool fitness gifts.



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