110% Price Match Policy

Shop 709 offers a 110% price match policy.

 If you find a lower price for the identical, in-stock item, we will refund the price difference plus an additional 10% of the price difference.


In order to qualify under this policy, the competitor’s item must meet the following requirements:

  • Identical item name
  • Identical item number
  • Identical item color
  • Identical item size
  • Identical item option(s), if applicable
  • Item must be new, in original packaging, never used nor previously sold/accepted as a return
  • Item must be currently listed as in-stock in competitor store or on competitor website



You buy an IST wetsuit from us for $125, then find the same wetsuit, meeting all the criteria above, available elsewhere for $100. 

The price difference is $25, and the additional 10% of that $25 is $2.50.  This means you are eligible to receive a total refund of $27.50.



Please contact us to apply for a refund under this program. Include your order number as well as verification of the lower competitor price, such as a link to the competitor’s product listing or a scanned image from a competitor’s promotional flyer.

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