1. How To Roll: Part 1

    Reasons to Revisit a Favorite Childhood Pastime, Decades Later

  2. Getting Scuba Gear Through TSA Screening

    Traveling with scuba gear is challenging at best. It's heavy, bulky, and some of it is delicate. You generally want to keep your dive computer and certain other pieces of valuable or fragile equipment in your carry-on, but the TSA can and will confiscate anything they deem to be suspicious. Here are some things you can do to ensure your TSA encounter goes smoothly, so you can exit the security checkpoint with all your gear intact.

  3. Jellyfish Sting Prevention & Treatment

    Jellyfish are among the most ancient, beautiful and misunderstood creatures on the planet.  Jellyfish have delicate bodies, but their stings can be extremely painful or even deadly so it’s a good idea to educate yourself about how to avoid and treat those stings before you hit the water.  Spoiler alert: urine won't help.

  4. Essential Camping Gear: Two Must-Buy Items

    There's a huge and often costly variety of camping and hiking gear available to buy, but if you're on a very tight budget you can adapt things you already own to meet most of your needs for the trip. There are really only two pieces of speciality equipment you must buy: a tent and boots.

  5. How Dangerous Is Skateboarding, Really?

    Parents with kids who are begging for a skateboard want to know: how dangerous is skateboarding, really? Many will be shocked to learn skateboards cause fewer injuries each year than bikes, swimming pools, playground and exercise equipment, and most team sports.

  6. Drinking and Diving: Just Say No

    A guy with ear problems goes to Notos Mare on the southern coast of Crete, parties a little too much the night before going diving, and ends up possibly “narked” and faced with a life-threatening situation. Moral: don’t drink and dive.


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