2mm Neodri Watersports Shorts
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2mm Neodri Watersports Shorts 2mm Neodri Watersports Shorts
2mm Neodri Watersports Shorts

Worn under your wetsuit or separately, these are the ultimate in neoprene water sports shorts. Neoprene has of course, been around for years. The latest advances in neoprene technology involve perfecting its water-drying capabilities, as well warmth and comfort characteristics. Neodri, exclusively from IST, is a high-tech fabric that is soft to touch and features extremely low absorbency. Neodri will not only dry faster, the loops in the surface also act like plush, helping to keep your body warmer and more comfortable. When combined in a 3-ply lining with nylon and neoprene, as with these 2mm watersports shorts from IST, it is the next best thing to wearing nothing. It’s ideal for diving, surfing and all water sports in temperate waters. Fantastic for swimming, too! And, as with all neoprene wetsuits and shorts, edges are taped to protect the fabric lining from fraying. Slip into something super-comfy for your next dive, surf, swim or water sports adventure!

Neodri watersport shorts

• 2mm watersport shorts with Neodri lining.

• All edges are taped to the prevent fabric lining from fraying.

• Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL


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